What Could Go in the Foundry Site?

Time to start consultation

One of our biggest criticisms of the province is the lack of community consultation. Let's start fixing that right now.

What do YOU think Toronto needs? And how might those needs be met by repurposing the Foundry Site?

The community has in fact already been busy imagining the future of the Foundry Site. Below are three community-generated ideas the site: each one includes ± 300-500 affordable housing units. BONUS: the site is very big. All three of these ideas could be accommodated simultaneously in the site, so it’s not an either/or:

  • Independently and sustainably operated space to give musicians and other performing artists and community members a place to live, work, practice, and perform
  • Innovation incubator that mentors, finances, and offers affordable workspaces for enterprises with founding teams comprised of people from a wide range of intercultural communities
  • Intercultural learning and resource centre hosting talks, exhibitions, conferences, food fairs, and public space

Please take a little time to browse through some of the suggestions already here. Then, if you wish, enter your ideas in the box to the right. You can even add a picture! 

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