We scored a significant win when the judge ordered the Province to stop demolition of the Foundry buildings until the full court hearing on February 26.

Since public attention has played a crucial role in this issue, it was critical to keep things simmering in the days leading up to the hearing. More than 300 people signed up to the 21-Day Challenge, agreeing to perform an easy, fun "virtual protest" assignment every day for the time remaining until the hearing.

Here are the tasks — they're all still relevant, feel free to do a few right now!

  1. Write a Google review of the Foundry Site
  2. Send a thank you note to Mayor John Tory for supporting this motion
  3. Email 10 contacts individually inviting them to sign our petition
  4. Post "I want to #SaveTheFoundry because..." on your social media feeds (Twitter link)
  5. Write Toronto Centre MP Marci Ien thanking her for taking a stand
  6. Put "Save the Foundry" and a link to our petition into your email signature
  7. Write one, two, or more of the 9 Toronto Conservative MPPs asking them to talk some sense into their colleagues
  8. Sit back, relax, and use our guided meditation to visualize your Foundry Dream
  9. Donate and/or ask others to donate to the Legal Defence Fund
  10. Respond to the Province's public consultation website; we suggest requesting clarification on how they intend to evaluate the input
  11. Send a picture of your favourite restored or adapted Toronto heritage building to Doug Ford and his ministers.
  12. Post one of our cool "Re-Imagine Heritage" badges (square version, rectangular version)
  13. Download and post some of our banners for Twitter or for Instagram "Saved: Why not the Foundry too?"
  14. Comment on a recent news article/column or YouTube video about the Foundry
  15. Challenge Minister Clark on his statement that "The first trigger for an MZO is that it has a (local municipal) council resolution"
  16. Publicly ask Minister Clark questions about the Agreement of Purchase and Sale cited on Page 6 of the Heritage Impact Assessment
  17. Post your #FoundryDream on social media in 50 words or less
  18. Help out related campaigns related to Pickering Wetlands, Small's Creek & Jimmie Simpson Park, and Highway 413
  19. Amplify this news item about the secret deal to sell the Foundry that was made one month before the MZO was issued
  20. Amplify additional news items that have come out (here, here, and here), and rebut Ford and Clark's defensive comments.
  21. TBD

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