Public Consultation

URGENT: The Province's request for public comments about the Foundry closes 5pm Thurs March 4

If you haven't submitted your comments, do so now: email a PDF to [email protected] and bcc us at [email protected].

If you have, were they an attached PDF or Word doc? (This is one of the Province's requirements.) If you missed that, plus dig up your email and re-submit in that form.

Also, please forward this message to 5 friends in Ontario, asking them to submit their comments, too (bcc-ing us at [email protected] if they're willing).

Here is a link to the consultation website 

What to submit?

The “consultation” website is... minimal. They are doing the minimum to meet the legal requirements so that they can go ahead with their plans.* So the "consultation" looks like a one-way trip into a black hole. How to respond?

We suggest asking for dialogue: showing an interest in the issue, but persistently asking them for clarification on how they will evaluate and use the input.

Our suggestion:

  • Write identifying yourself as a Friend of the Foundry
  • Declare your interest in the issue: tell them to stop the plans for demolition, and start again with proper community consultation on how to preserve Provincial heritage and build affordable housing
  • Be sure to ask them how they intend to evaluate and work with the advice they receive
  • Don't forget they are asking for a PDF or Word document
  • ....and we'd love you to bcc us on your correspondence

*What are the Province's plans, you ask? Turns out the Foundry Site was pre-sold — before the issuance of the MZO and before the Heritage Impact Assessment was tabled. Feel free to express outrage at that in your letter, and on social media.

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