Foundry Graphics

Here is a selection of badges you can add to your email signature. Just copy the one you like via right-click (or control-click). Then add linked text beneath to direct people to our website. 

When adding a link to the petition, be sure to add this exactly:

NOTE: Banner images do not always get preserved across different email systems. Even if you choose and link a banner, it's a good idea to add some words (e.g. "Save the Foundry") and a text link below.

#1 The Basic

Copy and paste the text below:

I want to Save the Foundry!
Sign the petition here:

#2 The Badge

If you can link images in your signature (not all email programs allow this) you can link this graphic to

#3 The Combo

Here is a combination of graphic and text to copy as your signature.

#4 Other Badges

Here are some other badge graphics you can link or combine with linked text:



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