Why We Should #SaveTheFoundry

We asked our supporters WHY they want to #SaveTheFoundry. Their responses were so moving, we wanted to share them here.

I want to save the Foundry because it is imperative that our city maintain a balance between old and new. Aesthetically and intellectually, heritage buildings are essential. Let us learn from the mistakes and successes other cities around the world and keep striving to better Toronto.

I want to save the foundry because it is a gem that I "discovered" while riding my bike last year. I was struck by the beautiful early twentieth century industrial architecture, of which little remains in the area. What really caught my eye were the enormous and impressive flat glass windows used in the buildings. This dramatic use of large windows to maximize natural lighting is unusual in industrial buildings from that period. Heritage Toronto has stated that these structures "are among the few surviving reminders of the extensive impact the railway industry had on this area." I was astonished to hear that the provincial government wished to demolish this complex. So much of the area's architectural heritage has been destroyed, and it is important to preserve these striking buildings.

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because there is beauty in the architecture from the past and our community and the city have been developing great plans for those buildings that will benefit many.

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because our history is significant! We can blend the new with the old to create an exciting space. Stop the demolition!!

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because the history of Toronto means a great deal more to me than luxury condos

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because Respecting history is Imperative to our Future.

Buildings like this add historical texture to a vibrant neighbourhood. Their unique beauty needs to be preserved to give context to the present.

I want to save the Foundry because Toronto is on need of many more older and Heritage buildings. Compare Old Montréal to old Toronto, and you see what I mean.

I want to save our historical foundry building because it has the potential to be turned into an arts centre, for example, and that would preserve this beautiful building and add to our wonderful community.

I want to save the foundry because the buildings lend character to an area that is being made more and more bland every day. Also there is a great need for community meeting spaces, art spaces etc in the area. Finally the history that is represented in this era of globalization is very important not to bulldoze.

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because I don’t want another heritage building torn down to build yet another high-priced condo tower. Ford's government is using a minister's zoning order (MZO) to override local plans and control. This is a power that Ford is using elsewhere in the province such as in Pickering to overlook wetland environmental concerns! We need to stand up against this pro-development agenda.

I want to save the foundry because the Canary District is a great new urban neighbourhood that needs a bit of the old to anchor it as a community. The foundry is ideal for repurposing as a food, culture and arts hub.

I want to save The Foundry because I am emotionally exhausted! Watching what made Toronto an interesting city of unique neighbourhoods, each with their own iconic, distinctive, historical architecturally important buildings be - erased! One of the older cities of Canada is looking like it was mostly built since the 1950’s - 60’s... with the same mostly sterile and uniform aesthetic applied. The evermore increasing density of the city core, coupled with the ever diminishing public spaces for free recreational/relaxation gathering is creating a city of people squashed by the stress of constantly living on top of each other, boxed into a canyon created by the landscape of high rise towers that threaten to dwarf the CN Tower!

The Foundry is an oasis in this ... mess of ‘planned development’. It provides .. space... light, interesting historical architecture and is a tangible link to what’s left of Toronto’s past. Only people who have zero appreciation, knowledge, understanding of very basic history, beauty, value of open space, the ‘greater good’ would think it a ‘good idea’ to raze this historical gift. Only people interested in their own personal short term gains would/could level one of the few remaining architectural jewels left in this city. STOP the destruction.

I want to SAVE THE FOUNDRY because it is a unique shining example of historical industrial architecture that can be repurposed into community spaces that serve everyone.

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because every time I cycle or walk past it, I imagine what it could become to reignite all its glory and serve the community.

I want to #SavetheFoundry because I want to remember those people who helped shape the city I call home.

I want to #SavetheFoundry because I believe in the future of #Toronto. I believe in a vibrant and unique city that celebrates its past.

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because there's a viable plan for an arts hub that would better the community.

I want to #SavetheFoundry because it’s an important example of industrial architecture. We don’t have many examples when profit and bulldozers rank over heritage. #fordnation tramples on Toronto and the community to gift developers. These are the wrong priorities.

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because these heritage buildings represent the history of #Toronto and can be used innumerable community activities such as arts and culture.

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because not only is it important to preserve this important piece of Toronto's Victorian era, but also to let the community have input on what the future of the site should be used for.

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because it is a significant architectural building; adds to the character of the neighbourhood; and because it should be converted - inside - to affordable housing that is desperately needed in Toronto.

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because...the beauty of these heritage buildings should be preserved and utilized as a community space.

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because the history of Toronto is more important to me than building more condos

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because we need to speak for our city

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because it is so much better for the environment to renovate and re-use sound buildings. Demolition is wasteful of energy and materials. And we should preserve our heritage

As a architect the value of keeping unique heritage structures not only reinforces the cultural mosaic of technology and creativity but promotes the idea that the notion of architecture is rooted in complexity’s, not consumer disposable actions

We want to #SaveTheFoundry because heritage can be repurposed. These buildings would be excellent for much-needed community use while preserving our history and showcasing beautiful architecture.

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because I'm really tired of @fordnation circumventing procedure for heritage sites and basically just acting in bad faith.

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because I care about the history of my city and care far less for developers who care not at all.

I want to #savethefoundry because we just don't build 'em like this anymore. This should be the site of a thoughtful adaptive re-use, planned with the community to meet local and citywide needs, including but not limited to affordable housing.

I want to #savethefoundry because we can preserve and honour our civic past while reimagining it for innovative present use. Bulldozers not needed.

I want to #SaveTheFoundry. These handsome buildings represent an integral part of Canada's railway industry, an industry that itself united Canada. Tearing them down creates more landfill. Retrofit don't demolish: it's doable.

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because the site has the potential to become a proud Toronto story that incorporates heritage with the current and future needs of the community. Let’s stop the province from demolishing our bricks and mortar heritage!

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because community voices are more likely to honor opportunities to preserve uniqueness...part of the lifeblood of big cities; ...as well, community planning as a process needs to be celebrated by large regional governments who often develop public policy

I want to #SavetheFoundry because studying our history helps us to understand ourselves and shape the future for the better.

I want to #SaveTheFoundry because it is another example of the Ford government bulldozing the efforts of local municipalities to balance development with livability. They (The Ford government) are pushing development to payback the developers that helped finance Ford's election campaign, in my opinion. The same thing is occurring in Ajax and Newmarket, places that elected conservative members. “Why do we spend so much time making official plans for our communities, if the government can come in so easily and override it?” The surprise order that day — for land that sits on the environmentally sensitive Oak Ridges Moraine — called for the development of a 128-bed long-term-care facility, but also the maximum number of 30-foot detached housing that could fit on four acres. Known as an MZO, the order allowed the minister to override local planning rules and decide how the property could be developed. “An MZO is not required to develop a long-term-care facility on this land,” he said. “It was already permitted on this site, as land was zoned as institutional.” The provincial zoning order was needed, Mrakas said, to “jam in 75 homes on land that is not zoned for residential housing”

I want to save the Foundry because it’s our history. The railroad made this country and the trains could not have run without the workers of this foundry and the products it produced. This would make a wonderful railroad museum and could become another local and tourist destination to bring even more life to the city. The building has so much potential because of its open interior space. It would make a wonderful community Centre in addition to a museum. Just look at what was accomplished with a derelict factory that now houses the Young Theatre. Let’s think big like the OLG ad says.

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