Here are some things you can do right now to help!

Sign and share our petition

Post pictures and videos on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. If you live in a neighbouring building take and post pictures from your balcony. Hashtag your posts #SaveTheFoundry, and tag us in as well.

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Instagram @FriendsoftheFoundry
Facebook Friends of the Foundry

In-person Activism

If you live in the neighbourhood, make walks around the Foundry Site your daily exercise. Enjoy the creative protest art wheatpasted to and painted on the plywood hoardings. Be observant, take pictures — we need eyes on the site at all times.

Stay tuned to our social media feeds (Facebook Twitter Instagram) for calls to in-person action.

PLEASE BE FRIENDLY AND RESPECTFUL TO THE WORKERS they are just people with jobs and are doing us no harm; in fact they are protecting the site.


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