Week 10: Gobo Light Display Ideas

13 July 2021

Welcome to Week 10 of 21 Weeks of Resistance, keeping the Foundry Site in the public eye.

As most of you know, the Foundry's closest neighbour and BFF Canary Park Condos is hosting Save The Foundry messages projected onto their building using a gobo light display.

(Big shout-out to Mika T. for the idea, and to Charles R. for donating the equipment and expertise!)

These pictures do not do it justice. In real life it is crystal clear! The disks are not expensive so we plan to get a few more made up — and we're looking for your ideas.

Your task this week is to come up with one or more new ideas for Foundry-related light displays: words, pictures, both — anything goes!

You don't have to be an artist. Just write back and tell us what you think would work. Send a few words, or a verbal description, or a sketch, or a full mockup. Oh, and the disks can rotate, or not.

Our volunteer graphic artist will mock them up as needed and we will then pick three to display to the world.

Enter as many ideas as you like. Your reward: good karma, and a nice flex for your creativity muscle. And, if you win, fame and glory.

Please email ideas to [email protected] (or just reply to this) by Tuesday, July 20.

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