Week 13: Chalk Wars

August 7, 2021

Welcome to Week 13 of 21 Weeks of Resistance, keeping the Foundry Site in the public eye.

As you know, in May the demolition company covered up the vibrant protest art on the hoardings with black paint — creating a perfect chalkboard. The community then used sidewalk chalk to fill the boards with expressions of love for the Foundry.

Since then, wet weather has faded most of these messages, rendering them illegible. However some Foundry friends have now cleared off some of the more fragmented contributions to make way for a new wave of creativity.

The task this week is to help re-stock the Foundry hoardings with words and images protesting its demolition.

If you can come to the Foundry site, stop by, pick up some chalk (on the ground at the base of the boards), and have your say!

If you cannot come to the site, reply to this email with ideas. It doesn't have to be words, it could be images; just describe what you'd like to see on the hoardings. A community volunteer will make it so. Once they do, we'll take a picture and email it back to you.

Please amplify with social media

If you use social media, take pictures of your message (or your favourite messages) and post, tagging us in and hashtagging #ChalkWarriors as well as #SaveTheFoundry.

Thank you for your activism!

Friends of the Foundry

Use these hashtags:

  • #ChalkWarriors
  • #SaveTheFoundry

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  • Twitter: @FoundryFriends
  • Facebook: @Friends of the Foundry
  • Instagram: @friendsofthefoundry

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