Week 8: Reach out to Mayor Tory

28 June 2021

Welcome to Week 8 of 21 Weeks of Resistance, keeping the Foundry Site in the public eye.

It's not easy being the Mayor of Toronto. And our Mayor John Tory has had a challenging week, from being publicly censured for the Trinity Bellwoods Park evictions to mockery of his COVID hairstyle.

He may not be your favourite person right now, but he has some influence over the fate of the Foundry. City staff have been in negotiation with the Province since the court-ordered pause in demolition in February.

Let's remind Mayor Tory that we are still watching, we still care, and we still need his support to ensure the outcome is good for Heritage, for community, and for Toronto.

Our dream is that the Foundry site can developed in a way that preserves and celebrates heritage while creating the housing and community space the neighbourhood will welcome.

Here again are some proposals the community has brought forward. You can use them to illustrate or simply strengthen your letter.

Reach out to Mayor Tory through social media or direct email. Remember to tag your social media with #SaveTheFoundry!


If you'd like to add a visual, follow either of these links to find several different images:

Or you can visit our website for more general imagery.

Thanks as always for your activism!

Friends of the Foundry

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