Week 9: Reach out to Marci Ien

6 July 2021

Welcome to Week 9 of 21 Weeks of Resistance, keeping the Foundry Site in the public eye.

Once again we ask you to reach out to a particular person of influence.

In February 2021 Toronto Centre MP Marcie Ien wrote a letter to Minister Steve Clark in support of saving the Foundry. She also met with one of our organizers that same month. However since then we have not been successful in holding her attention.

This contrasts with the vigorous support of her two major opponents in the Toronto Centre riding in the upcoming federal election: NDP candidate Brian Chang and Green Party candidate Annamie Paul, both of whom have been consistently supportive and vocal.

Let's respectfully ask the Honourable Ms Ien to renew her interest in the Foundry.

Here are some key points:

  • As a member of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, we need her to defend the site against the threat of demolition, which is clearly what the province intends.

  • As the voice of Toronto Centre we need her support in ensuring that the Foundry site is developed in a way that preserves and celebrates heritage while creating the housing and community space the neighbourhood needs.

  • This beautiful site offers an ideal opportunity for the kind of enrichment we look to the federal government to inspire and sponsor: culture, innovation, entrepreneurship, and equity.

Reach out to Ms Ien through social media or direct email. Remember to tag your social media with #SaveTheFoundry!

Support materials

To illustrate your points you can turn once again to some of the proposals the community has brought forward.

If you'd like to add a visual, follow either of these links to find several different images:

Or you can visit our website for more general imagery.

Thanks as always for your activism!

Friends of the Foundry

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