Week 16: Thank the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association

August 29, 2021

Welcome to Week 16 of 21 Weeks of Resistance, keeping the Foundry Site in the public eye.

Like last week's task, this week we are expressing gratitude — but it will be easier than thanking Infrastructure Ontario, we promise.

On January 18, the province started demolishing the Foundry without notice. The St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association (SLNA) stepped up and took the Province to court swiftly to stop demolition. This was a serious financial risk, but they took it — they trusted us to raise the funds to cover whatever debts the case created. And we won!

Your task today is to recognize and thank the SLNA, both on social media and by email, for their timely and heroic intervention.

First and foremost, take a few moments to compose an email to their board ([email protected]) or a snail mail letter (see address below). Be sure to include:

  • What the Foundry means to you
  • How you feel about their support
  • What you hope for the future

Now that they have helped with OUR project, please consider donating directly to the SLNA for one of THEIR projects — funds they can use as they wish. You can do this by Interac email to [email protected], or you can mail a cheque to the address shown below.

Spread the gratitude by social media!

Tweet, instagram, or post your thanks, tagging the SLNA in using the information shown below. Let's give them a big internet HUG! (And remember, spreading the love by social media also keeps the Foundry in the public eye.) Be sure to tag your thanks with #SaveTheFoundry.


All social media communications are more powerful with visuals! Use your own, or follow either of these links to find images you can use to reinforce your message.

Until next week, thank you for your continuing activism,

Friends of the Foundry

Email addresses:

Twitter: @SLNASpeaks

Facebook: @StLawrenceNeighbourhoodAssociation

Instagram: @stlawrencetoronto

Hashtag: #SaveTheFoundry (all social media)

Mailing Address: Board of Directors, St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association, 230 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON M5A 4J6

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